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Bouquet of Flowers


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Dogwood Blooms

Dogwood Blooms is a small-scale, intimate flower picking experience! The idea of providing southern Oklahoma with a you-pick experience was dreamed up in the summer of 2023 by an 18-year-old aspiring horticulturist who convinced his parents to help him make people’s flower dreams come true.


Our goal is simple- to provide a tulip picking experience that is relaxed and uncrowded. We are located just outside of Ardmore, Oklahoma on 160 acres. We utilize only a small portion to grow the flowers, part of that is purposeful and part of that is plain economics. We are starting small, and hope to have measured consistent growth in years to come! Please don’t expect to see acres of blooms. We’re focusing on quality over quantity! 

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What started as simply doing you-pick tulips has led to master floral designer certification, greenhouse construction, and additions of other flower varieties that will bloom continuously from from spring to first frost.  We are excited to share our piece of Earth with you.

What sets us apart from other flower farms is our commitment to quality and providing an unmatched flower picking experience. We want our clients to feel a part of nature and not stressed by crowds of people. While flowers only live for a brief space in time, connecting with nature and creating memories lasts forever.

As our business grows we are planning workshops, private events, and floral subscription services. So please follow us on social media and subscribe to our email services so you won’t miss out on your chance to connect with us through more than just you-pick.

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